The Łukasz Piotrowski Law Firm offers legal services in the field of civil law and administrative law. We specialise in obtaining confirmation of Polish citizenship and other documents required to obtain the Polish passport – a European Union passport.

We represent our clients before common courts and administrative courts, and before central and local government bodies.

As part of our activity, we also search for documents in Poland and other countries in cases where such documents are required to obtain a decision confirming Polish citizenship.

Our law firm is the largest firm of this kind. Since our early days, we have conducted over 25,000 proceedings to obtain Polish citizenship, with the vast majority of them being successful.

Thanks to many years of experience we have developed good contacts with Clients and Polish authorities.

Our services relating to the confirmation of Polish citizenship for foreign nationals living permanently outside Poland are exempted from VAT and, therefore, are much cheaper than similar services offered by law firms in other countries.

Our law firm also deals with restitution of property, as well as assistance in the purchase and administration of real estate.

Our staff speak English and German.

We guarantee reliable, professional and efficient performance of contracted services.